Exista Product Line

The Exista Product line provides highly accurate data through reliable sensor driven automation.  


Your data is transmitted from a secure gateway to the cloud to ensure that it remains private.  With authenticated access, you control who sees your data. 


Add any number of sensors to your network as you see fit.  Simply purchase your sensors, link them to your network, and they fit in seamlessly.  


The Exista Product line remains efficient and affordable with our customizable stations. Pick and choose from our variety of available sensors to design a custom fit solution to your problem. 

Manage and configure your sensors remotely.  View your data from a cloud database with our graphical UI from your computer.  

Learn about our Solutions

The Exista Weather Station is built with highly accurate sensors and is easy to operate remotely without hassle.  
Learn more about the Exista Weather Station here.  

The Exista Occupancy Monitor allows for real time data gathering of people entering and exiting your business. 
Learn more about our Occupancy Monitoring here.  

The Exista cultivation Monitor allows for real time monitoring of your plants environment to ensure it has the ideal conditions. 
To learn more about the Exista Agricultural Monitoring Station, click here

Common features

Cloud Database accessible anywhere.

Free iPhone/Andriod App

Fully Remotely Configurable

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